Tour Tips

Important Tips for Taking the Tour:

Plan ahead!

 Understand that there may not be time to visit all locations on the tour. Allow 1 hour or  more per farm.

Take some time to read the farm descriptions and study the map.

Remember that GPS is not always your friend in rural areas! We have included detailed directions to help you find your way quickly and easily, but you may want to research specific farm-to-farm directions. We have placed signs at each location.

Tour hours are from 1pm to 5pm Saturday July 20th. Please do not arrive before or after tour hours.

Several farms on the tour will tempt you with farm-fresh produce, meats, and dairy products available for purchase. Remember to pack a cooler with ice in the car so you don’t miss this special opportunity to stock up on the very best from local producers!

This is a rain-or-shine event.  Bring your sunscreen, appropriate footware, and insect repellent if necessary.

Bring your Appetite!
 You’ll work up an appetite on the tour, so be sure to stop at Stoney Acres as your final destination.  They will have delicious wood-fired pizza for sale after 5pm or bring your own picnic dinner to enjoy at the farm!

Be Farm-Friendly!
 Please do not bring pets, as they can be a hazard to livestock and pose food safety threats to produce growers.
 Remember these are working farms with potentially harmful equipment, electric fences, etc. While our farmers will do their best to keep guests safe, please keep a close eye on your children.
 Wash up! Please take time to wash your hands after petting an animal. We will provide hand sanitizer at every farm. You may also be asked to disinfect your shoes
in order to prevent farm-to-farm transmission of germs.
 Please do not enter private homes unless given express permission by those farms offering in-home restroom access.


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