Meet Your Farmer: GrasWerka Family Farm

The Hoffman family established GrasWerka 4 years ago on 20 acres of then corn field.  Today they are working to create a pasture based organic homestead which produces primarily pastured broilers and Berkshire pork, but also eggs and beef.

The farm goals are to produce healthy and happy animals for direct market, while creating a diverse and sustainable farm ecosystem. The broilers are in pens which are moved daily, giving them access to fresh greens and insects daily.  The pigs enjoy a section of pasture planted in their favorite greens to ‘hog’ down before moving to a fresh patch.

The tour will follow the progress of two different types of broilers (Cornish cross and Red Rangers) in the field and view rotational grazing of the cows.  A small tractor-drawn trailer is available for those who wish to ride!  We can then take a short walk to see the piglets rooting and playing in the field and the meat rabbits in their pasture pens.  At 2:30 Amy Neigum, a District Conservationist with the Natural Resources Conservation Service will perform a soils demonstration highlighting the difference between soils under pasture management versus continual tillage.  The kids can get dirty helping to count worms!


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