Meet Your Farmer: GrasWerka Family Farm

The Hoffman family established GrasWerka 4 years ago on 20 acres of then corn field.  Today they are working to create a pasture based organic homestead which produces primarily pastured broilers and Berkshire pork, but also eggs and beef.

The farm goals are to produce healthy and happy animals for direct market, while creating a diverse and sustainable farm ecosystem. The broilers are in pens which are moved daily, giving them access to fresh greens and insects daily.  The pigs enjoy a section of pasture planted in their favorite greens to ‘hog’ down before moving to a fresh patch.

The tour will follow the progress of two different types of broilers (Cornish cross and Red Rangers) in the field and view rotational grazing of the cows.  A small tractor-drawn trailer is available for those who wish to ride!  We can then take a short walk to see the piglets rooting and playing in the field and the meat rabbits in their pasture pens.  At 2:30 Amy Neigum, a District Conservationist with the Natural Resources Conservation Service will perform a soils demonstration highlighting the difference between soils under pasture management versus continual tillage.  The kids can get dirty helping to count worms!


Meet your Farmer: Stoney Acres Farm

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Stoney Acres Farm is a third generation Certified
Organic Farm in Athens WI which has a diverse production system – growing
fresh market vegetables, perennial fruits, small grains, pork, eggs,
beef, maple syrup and more! Our tour will take a look at organic vegetable
production for farmers, gardeners and eaters alike. We will see
production from seed to fork culminating the tour portion of the day with
a picnic time and brick oven on-farm pizzas available for purchase.

The open house at Stoney Acres will run from 5-8pm, with the tour occurring at 5pm.  More details to follow on the in-season pizza toppings available.

Meet your Farmer: DanCin’ Hills Farm

DanCin’ Hill Farm is a working farm, onsite store and apple orchard. We subscribe to organic/chemical free production practices that sustain a healthy environment and produce a healthy product.  Our apple varieties include well known favorites such as fireside, red fireside, haralson, wolf river and haralred and some newer varieties that are not yet in production.  We trap predatory pests without poisoning the apples in the process.  We’ll explain our production methods and why philosophically we believe in sustainable agriculture; not only in raising apples but in rotational pasturing of animals and producing other vegetables in our various gardens.  Two guided tours will be provided of the orchard and farm at 1:30 and 3:30 p.m. with more localized activities around the barn and store including feeding sheep, shopping for produce or other items in the store and checking out the chickens and the farm buildings. Some snacks, coffee and lemonade will be provided.
We are located between 3rd and 5th lane (Address: 421 Hwy F) about 1.5 miles west of Hwy 107.  Call (715)571-2642 if you need directions.

Meet your Farmer: Half Moon Hill


Sadie and Gerrid Franke are the owners/operators of Half Moon Hill Farm on 625 Cty Rd A Hamburg:

Our small family farm pasture raises lamb, beef, and poultry.  We use a Managed Rotational Grazing System to keep pastures lush and animals healthy. We believe in using low impact farming practices, managed grazing, minimal tillage & perennial crops. This spring we have planted 2 ½ acres of berries and will be building a high tunnel  hoop house for growing herbs and vegetables.

At Half Moon Hill expect a short (less than 15 minute) walking tour to visit with the sheep and cattle in the pasture as well as the new berry patch.  They will also have some delicious lamb brats for the sampling.

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